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Tremonsters and our allies successfully defeated proposed amendments to the Tremont West Development Corporation (TWDC) bylaws and proposed new articles of incorporation.

Current projects include the creation of neighborhood parks, a progressive community newsletter, and a survey to help determine what new businesses, etc. would serve the needs of Tremont residents (Current Tremont restaurants are too expensive to serve the needs of most Tremont residents).



by Larry Cornett lcornett@en.com

At South of Jefferson Block Club meeting on April 13, 2010, I was asked to attend appropriate TWDC Committee meetings and to report to the block club on their willingness to help organize a market survey among residents to determine what businesses would be viable in Tremont that would meet the needs of residents. The survey would include, as separate categories, residents who are poor and those who do not have a car.

Immediately after that meeting, I wrote to Timothy C. Jenkins, the chair of the TWDC Long Range Planning Committee (tcjenki@hotmail.com), to find out when that committee meeting was scheduled. I got no response. The schedule for that meeting was not in the May 2010 Inside Tremont or anywhere on the newly designed TWDC website (which no longer lists meetings, except by pulling up what has been announced in Inside Tremont). At the 5/6/2010 TWDC Economic Development Meeting, I found out that that meeting happened the previous day. I would have attended the Long Range Planning Committee meeting if I had known when it was scheduled to take place.

Regarding the Economic Development Meeting on Thursday, 5/15/2010

TWDC recently developed a survey and distributed it to something like 300 businesses to help determine their parking needs and to help determine options to relieve surrounding neighborhoods of customer and valet parking (which has been reducing the parking available for residents, blocking their driveways etc.)

The TWDC Economic Development Committee showed no interest in pursuing a survey to determine what businesses could be viable in Tremont neighborhoods that would serve the needs of the residents, with separate categories for low-income residents and residents without an automobile. They cited having other priorities, lack of available staff and funding, etc. They also mentioned that a survey took place in 5-mile increments out to 20 miles to help determine the economic viability of Steelyard Commons an unspecified number of years ago, before the new Tremont Pointe development.

However, if we turned in 300 signatures on a petition and started a grass roots movement to restore the community circulator, they might consider some sort of involvement. I pointed out that a convincing survey might require a professional market survey to help determine the economic viability of restoring the circulator. Other questions could be added to the survey.

Sammy C. said that TWDC has already made plans for residential development of the vacant property at the NW corner of Marquardt and W6. That indicates the degree to which TWDC takes the previous petition on a pocket park and the decision by the South of Jefferson Block Club to support a pocket park. Perhaps, a larger petitioning drive to restore the circulator might be better received.

TWDC was considering the possibility of a restaurant at the closed businesses on W14, across from Rowley. However, it would cost about $350,000 to buy and restore the property to a condition into which they hoped that a restaurant with meals around $8 would be interested in locating. The owner is not willing to put in the $200,000 investment to sell the property for $350,000. It is reportedly available for sale, as is, at a cost of $150,000.

When I was petitioning for the pocket park, several residents said that they would like a restaurant in their immediate neighborhood with typical meals for under $5. If the circulator were restored and cost what it used to ($1.25 one-way or $2.50 round-trip), having meals at Steelyard Commons would exceed the $5 threshold that my neighbors considered affordable. Under the circumstances, I do not have the time to organize petitions and a mass movement to restore the circulator, although I would help.

The next meeting of the Economic Development Committee is June 3, and if a two page (both sides of one page) proposal were submitted at the end of the meeting as new business, they might consider it.

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